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    Welcome to Skin Coloured, a collaborative, visual exploration of what it is to be non-white in a white culture. Please submit photos to skincoloured [at] googlemail [dot] com.
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Posted by Kat on August 13, 2008

Sorry for this being a link rather than a photo, but here are some flesh coloured plugs designed to hide stretched piercings at work.

Admittedly it’s a fairly specialised product and in the UK, stretching your piercings is usually a choice, but it still assumes that only white people have stretched piercings when this is not the case.

We would really like to feature more people on this blog, rather than just ourselves. We feel it’s important to show as many non-white skin tones as possible so we can show just how inadequate provision for us is. A photo can be as simple as sticking a plaster to your skin and taking a clear photo of it – it doesn’t have to be complicated.


7 Responses to “#4”

  1. eliza said

    i hope you have more help come in. i’m really interested in this blog but i am a white american. not your core photo group. lol. but i think this is really interesting and notice the problem in stores a lot. my friend is of portuguese and mexican descent and has lots of trouble finding concealers and other items and is ‘white’.

    i spent a semester in hong kong and noticed that many of the girls use skin lighteners by loreal and avon and dove. maybe companies can keep promoting that instead of tailoring their products. :-/

  2. Mel said

    Like Eliza, I’m really interested in this blog but I’m a white-ass Kiwi so I’m not really the kind of person you need photos of. However I have a couple of friends who might be willing to let me take photos (one is Brazilian and the other is of Fijian Indian descent), I’ll try to remember to take my camera to school tomorrow šŸ™‚

  3. nix said

    hey, i linked to this blog last week, so hopefully some of my POC friends/readers might join in over here. it’s a good project.

  4. Aishwarya said

    I’m currently in India, where things like cosmetics for brown skin are more generally available, so I’m not sure I’d be much good. But I’m moving to Ireland next month, so I might have some good pictures to send in soon.

  5. Sami said

    I’m another who heartily endorses this project but qualifies as “white” – the best I could do is take photos of myself after getting a tan (which does get me too dark for a lot of these things).

    I’ll put it to my browner friends that they could take part, though.

  6. Shai said

    I can offer to show you how Palest Ivory is entirely too dark for my skin, but otherwise I am not of much use.

  7. Peach said

    I was going to take a band-aid photo but I noticed that my package doesn’t say anything about it being skin-colored anymore, and indeed it’s a sort of non-committal beige now….

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